We provide all electronic components.

Eclectic are a franchised electronic component distributor.

We provide a full kitting service and also offer scheduled and buffer stock holding to eliminate shortages.

We provide quality assurance and the highest level of customer service, plus free shipping on all UK orders!

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Due to our large inventory we will usually be able to beat your existing quotes.


Supplying quality parts is paramount to our business and we know it is vital to our customers. We follow stringent quality assurance practices designed to detect and prevent any discrepant materials in the supply chain.

Free Delivery

Yes, we do indeed deliver for free. Get in touch with us if you’d like to know more.


Aided by unparalleled access to the global components market we pride ourselves on being able to fulfill your components needs faster and more reliably than our competitors.


Dedicated account managers deal with your order from start to finish – we can reliably cover all component needs at the most competitive rates. Please see our complete line-card – or check part details here.

We sell all types of electronic components