Say hello to Altran Magnetics

Altran Magnetics join our Partnership scheme
Say hello to Altran Magnetics
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Altran Magnetics products include

Altran Magnetic offers a high quality set of electrical engineering products including DC contactors, EMI filters, solid state relays, motors and blowers and photo controls.

What's their history?

Altran Magnetics are designers, manufacturers and innovators. As such, Eclectic Components are glad to have their work onboard and glad to be able to feature them as partners.

A relatively modern company, they use state-of-the-art manufacturing techniques and technology and their staff are highly qualified and motivated team members. Altran Magnetics also manufacture and design custom product solutions for their customers.

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Where are Altran Magnetics products used?

Fast charging systems
Altran Magnetic's engineering solutions can be found in fast charging stations and energy storage systems all over the world.

Power supplies
EMI filters can be found in power supplies right across the spectrum, from industrial to medical applications.

Medical applications
SSR's are an important part of modern medicine and they can be found powering hospital beds, rehab equipment and examination tables and surfaces.

Automotive industries
Altran Magnetic's engineering solutions can be found in cars, trucks and other road-going vehicles.

Military applications
You can find Altran Magnetic's work across the board in military equipment and contexts.

HVAC systems
Home comfort systems sometimes use Altran Magnetic's technology to ensure that homes and buildings are kept at stable temperatures and conditions.

Altran Magnetics, like many modern businesses, also offer custom solutions for their customers and clients.

Eclectic Components are proud to stock their products and engineering work.


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