Parlex Corporation have agreed to come onboard

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Parlex Corporation have agreed to come onboard
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What's their history?

Parlex Electronics was founded in 1976 in Methuen, Massachusetts, USA. The company started with a focus on providing flexible circuit products to meet the needs of the electronics market. Flexible circuits, known for their space-saving and design flexibility advantages, became increasingly vital as electronic devices and systems advanced.

In 2002, Parlex Corporation was acquired by Johnson Electric, a world-wide leader in motion subsystems and related technologies. This acquisition provided Parlex with additional resources and global reach, enabling it to further enhance its capabilities in flexible interconnect solutions.

What do Parlex offer?

Parlex Corporation, a leading provider of flexible interconnect solutions, has played a significant role in the electronics industry, particularly in the development and manufacturing of flexible printed circuits (FPCs) and flexible flat cables (FFCs).

Parlex products include

Flexible Printed Circuits (FPCs), Flexible Flat Cables (FFCs), microflex assemblies, high speed data solutions, medical-grade interconnects, automotive interconnects, custom interconnect solutions, high temperature FPCs, multilayer flex circuits, flexible heater circuits, LED interconnects, touch panel connections, printed electronics, RF and microwave flex circuits, rigid flex circuits.

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Where are Parlex products used?

Consumer Electronics
Parlex flexible circuits are used in consumer electronics, including smartphones, tablets, laptops, cameras, and wearables.

Automotive Electronics
In the automotive industry, Parlex products find applications in infotainment systems, instrument clusters, advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS), and other electronic components.

Medical Devices
Parlex provides interconnectivity solutions for medical devices, supporting applications such as patient monitoring systems, diagnostic equipment, and medical imaging devices.

Telecommunication equipment often contains Parlex products because of their compact and flexible design.

Industrial Automation
Flexible circuits and flat cables from Parlex are employed in industrial automation systems for tasks like control panel connections, sensors, and machinery interconnects.

Aerospace and Defense
In aerospace and defense applications, Parlex products may be used in avionics, communication systems, radar systems, and other electronic components.

Data Centres
High-speed data solutions from Parlex play a role in data centres, supporting the transmission of data in server racks and networking equipment.

LED Lighting
Parlex provides interconnect solutions for LED applications.

In robotics, Parlex products are utilized for flexible connections within robotic systems.

Renewable Energy
In smart home applications, Parlex interconnect solutions may be used in devices such as smart thermostats, home security systems, and connected appliances.

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