Eclectic are honoured to include Tianbo Relay in their list of partnerships

The relay people.
Eclectic are honoured to include Tianbo Relay in their list of partnerships

What's the company's history?

Tianbo Relay was founded in 1989 in Ningbo, China, with a focus on researching, developing, production and sales of high-quality electromechanical relays for domestic and international markets.

The company is compliant with ISO9001, IATF 16949, ISO14001 and has intellectual property management and a complete quality assurance system. They have found themselves in China's Top 100 Electronic Components Enterprises several times over the years and they show every sign of getting there again in the near future.

What do they offer to their clients?

The company take QA (quality assurance) very seriously and pursue a zero defects policy. They have their own dedicated labs that meet UL and TUV standards and can even carry out experiments in relay technology, which makes them an important vector for research in the industry.

Overall, Tianbo Relay is committed to delivering high-quality, reliable products that meet international standards and certifications.

Tianbo products include

Telecom relay, power relay, automotive relay, magnetic latching relay, research and development, experimental and custom solutions.

Where are their products used?

Telecommunications networks can use Tianbo products, where they can be used for signal routing, switching, and transmission. They can also be used in telecom relay stations, switching equipment, base stations, and network infrastructure to ensure seamless communication for voice, data, and video services.

Construction and home building
In residential and commercial buildings, Tianbo Relay's work can be integrated into home automation and building management systems for lighting control, HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning), security, access control, and energy management.

Energy and utilities
Energy and power systems for controlling and protecting electrical circuits and components can use products engineered and manufactured by Tianbo. They can be employed in power distribution networks, substations, renewable energy systems, and smart grid applications to manage power flow, monitor system status, and ensure grid reliability.

Industrial automation
Tianbo Relay products are widely used in industrial automation settings for controlling machinery, equipment, and processes. They facilitate switching operations, relay logic control, and interface between different components in manufacturing plants, assembly lines, and production facilities.

In the automotive industry, Tianbo Relay products can be employed in vehicle electrical systems for functions such as starting, lighting, ignition, and signaling. They can be used in automotive relays, fuse boxes, power distribution modules, and body control modules.

Medical equipment
Tianbo Relays work can be used in medical equipment and devices for switching, control, and safety functions. They can be incorporated into diagnostic instruments, patient monitoring systems, imaging equipment, and therapeutic devices, ensuring accurate and reliable operation in healthcare settings.

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