Micro-Sensor (now Micro-Hybrid) link up with us

Micro-Hybrid harness the power of sensor technology
Micro-Sensor (now Micro-Hybrid) link up with us
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Micro-Sensor products include

IR emitter, thermopile IR detectors, pyro-electric IR detectors, sensors, gas sensors, acceleration sensors, gyro sensors and custom solutions.

What's their history?

Newly integrated into their parent company, Micro-Sensor are now known as Micro-Hybrid Electronic GmbH. The company has always been a leader in MEMS (microelectromechanical systems) sensor innovation, creating important products that powered industries ranging from automotive and consumer electronics to healthcare and aerospace.

Their sensors have found a home in smartphones, wearable devices, drones, industrial machinery, and IoT (Internet of Things) systems, enabling advanced functionality, data analytics, and automation.

What do they offer their customers?

Micro-Hybrid offer a broad range of high-performance MEMS sensors and related items. Like all high-end engineers they offer customised support, which includes sensor calibration, packaging, signal conditioning, interface design, and software integration, ensuring optimal performance and compatibility with existing infrastructure. Their team of experienced engineers offers guidance, recommendations, and assistance throughout the project lifecycle, from initial concept to deployment and beyond.

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Where are their products used?

Micro-Hybrid parts and products are regularly found powering industrial machinery, industrial equipment, metal production and processing machines, temperature gauges, pressure gauges, chemical sensors and sensors and modules for use in ultra-high vacuum.

The company's work is commonly used in medical contexts such as measuring and sensing. For example, their gas sensors are used in respiratory gas analysis and anaesthetic monitoring. Micro-Hybrid engineering is also used in patient monitoring and spirometry (where the performance diagnostics of patients, athletes and people in rehabilitation is measured with infrared sensors).

Micro-Hybrid tech is used extensively in rail vehicles, rail automation and autonomous, low-emission vehicles. Its also found in long-distance and local transport systems, safety and safety infrastructure, E-mobility tech, traffic monitoring and control systems and of course in a multitude of custom-designed products and contexts.

Want to read more about them? Their website is here.

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