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In their own words, CR Magnetic “provide[...] a complete line of sensors, transducers, and components needed in today’s industry”.
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CR Magnetic products include

Analogue transducers, digital transducers, relays and switches, indicators and displays, current transformers, zero-sequence current transformers, cables, power supplies, converters, brackets and bespoke solutions.

What's CRM's history?

Operating out of St Louis, Missouri, the company have continuously invested in research and development over the years. Since 1986 they have developed new products, improved existing technologies, and stayed at the forefront of the electronics market. Today, in their own words, CR Magnetic “provide[...] a complete line of sensors, transducers, and components needed in today’s industry”.

What do they offer to their customers?

The company like to provide complete lines of their products and they offer their clients engineering and development support.

CR Magnetics also maintains manufacturing and sales offices worldwide, including East Asia, Europe, and the Americas. They are now a subsidiary of Khorporate Holdings Inc., a group of companies who have experience and expertise in distribution, customer service and manufacturing which they pass on to the business.

All CR Magnetics parts meet the lead-free and other dangerous chemical requirements of RoHS and a large proportion of their products carry CE, UL, and CSA certifications. They are ISO 9001 certified.

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Where are their products employed?

Industrial automation
CR Magnetics' current transformers and transducers can be used in industrial automation systems for monitoring and controlling electrical currents in machinery, equipment, and processes.

Energy management
In the context of energy management, CR Magnetics' products may be used for monitoring power consumption, detecting energy usage trends, and optimizing energy efficiency. The can also be used in energy monitoring systems, submetering solutions, and power quality analysis equipment for commercial, industrial, and residential buildings.

Power generation and distribution
Ensuring accuracy and reliability, engineers can use CR Magnetics' current sensing products in power generation plants, substations, and electrical distribution networks for monitoring currents in transformers, circuit breakers, switchgear, and power lines.

Renewable energy
Supporting efficient energy conversion, monitoring, and management in the renewable energy sector, CR Magnetics' products are sometimes employed in solar power and wind power installations for monitoring currents in inverters, charge controllers, and energy storage systems.

CR Magnetics' current sensors may be used in HVAC/R systems for monitoring and controlling currents in compressors, motors, pumps, and other components.

Automotive systems can be found utilising sensors for monitoring currents in batteries, charging systems, motor drives, and electronic control units (ECUs). They support vehicle electrification, hybridization, and energy management in automotive applications, contributing to improved efficiency and performance.

The company's work can be employed in telecommunications infrastructure, including data centers, base stations, and network equipment.

You may find CRM's engineering in medical devices and equipment such as patient monitoring systems, diagnostic imaging equipment, and laboratory instruments. They support accurate measurement and monitoring of electrical currents in medical applications, ensuring patient safety and device reliability.

Need to read more about them? Their website is here.

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