The Kodenshi Corporation joins us as a partner

Kodenshi Corporation continues to innovate and develop cutting-edge optoelectronic and semiconductor technologies to address the challenges and opportunities of the digital age.
The Kodenshi Corporation joins us as a partner
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Kodenshi's products include

Sensor, semi-conductors, photo IC ISI, LEDs, image sensor, signage and custom solutions.

What's Kodenshi's history?

Kodenshi have been around since the 1970s,developing and producing semiconductor devices and optoelectronic components.

Over the years, Kodenshi Corporation diversified its product portfolio to include a wide range of optoelectronic components, semiconductor devices, and sensor technologies. The company introduced new products such as infrared sensors, optical encoders, photointerrupters, and ambient light sensors, catering to emerging market demands.

What do Kodenshi offer?

Kodenshi Corporation's comprehensive portfolio of high quality optoelectronic components, semiconductor devices, and sensor technologies, combined with its commitment to customer satisfaction, make it a great partner for customers seeking advanced solutions for their electronic and sensing needs.

Kodenshi provide services to a wide range of modern markets.

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Where are their products used?

Kodenshi products can be found throughout modern housing. They find their way into TV's, lights, air conditioners, automatic doors and even cleaning robots.

Offices are another place that Kodenshi products can be found. Automatic doors, printers and lights are all likely to contain something from the company.

The world of modern finance utilises products from Kodenshi too. Banks and guidance robots use products from their factories extensively.

There are Kodenshi products in robotic arms and in factory transport technology.

The contemporary car industry often relies on Kodenshi engineering and expertise.

Healthcare technology utilizes Kodenshi products. Lights and medical robots both use the company's products to support the industry in its vital work.

Lighting and farm machinery sometimes use Kodenshi technologies too.

Smart Signs
You'll find Kodenshi expertise in the lighting and electronics of smart signs.

Need to read more? Kodenshi's website is here.

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