In partnership with Light In Motion

Light In Motion provides state-of-the-art optical systems for scientific research, industrial manufacturing, medical applications, and beyond.
In partnership with Light In Motion

What's the company history?

Over the years, Light In Motion has been committed to exploring the frontiers of optical technology, investing their time and energy into research, development, and collaboration with a view to creating new products and seizing new opportunities. Today, the company continues to innovate and expand, leveraging advances in photonics, nanotechnology, and quantum optics to drive progress and move the field forward into the future.

What do they offer their customers?

Light In Motion provides state-of-the-art optical systems for scientific research, industrial manufacturing, medical applications, and beyond.They specialise in the design and fabrication of optical components and subsystems and they offer tailored solutions to optimize performance and efficiency for a wide range of products and specs.

Their products include

Light emitting diodes (LED), hermetic silicon photosensors, high reliability transmissive photointerrupters, high performance emitters and detectors, light detectors, subminiature emittor and detector pairs, semi and full custom product solutions.

Where can see their products in action?

Scientific research
Light In Motion's optical components and laser systems are sometimes used in scientific research laboratories. They can be used in a variety of applications such as spectroscopy, microscopy, atomic and molecular physics, materials science, and quantum optics.

Industrial manufacturing
Light In Motion's laser systems and optical components are employed in industrial manufacturing processes for cutting, welding, marking, engraving, and additive manufacturing (3D printing).

Light In Motion's optical sensing and imaging systems can be used in medical diagnostics, imaging, and therapeutic applications.

Light In Motion's fibre optic solutions, can play crucial roles in telecommunications networks for data transmission, telephony, internet connectivity, and cable television. Their products enable high-speed, reliable, and long-distance communication over optical fibre infrastructure, supporting the growing demand for bandwidth in modern telecommunications.

Defence and aerospace
The company's laser systems, optical sensors, and communication technologies can be found in defence and aerospace applications for surveillance, targeting, navigation, communication, and missile guidance.

Environmental monitoring and remote sensing
Optical sensing technologies made by LIM can be employed in environmental monitoring, remote sensing, and geospatial mapping applications. Applications can include atmospheric monitoring, pollution detection, vegetation analysis, and terrain mapping.

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