Eclectic welcome Greenconn to their ever-growing army of Partners

Greenconn provide PCB-mounted connectivity solutions while maintaining high environmental and sustainability standards.
Eclectic welcome Greenconn to their ever-growing army of Partners

What's Greenconn's history?

Greenconn began life in Taiwan and eventually expanded into China. They are now growing outward into the rest of the world, where they now havehave offices operating in Shenzhen, Kunshan and Toronto.They are certified tointernational standards such as ISO 9001 and IATF 16949 which has helped them transform from a small connector manufacturer to one of the world’s leading connectivity specialists.

What do they offer to their clients?

Greenconn provides a wide variety of connectors. Their connectors are available in different sizes, configurations, and specifications to suit various applications, from consumer electronics to industrial machinery.Over the years, Greenconn diversified its product portfolio to include a wide range of interconnect solutions. Greenconn adheres to stringent quality control standards and certifications, ensuring that its products meet the highest industry standards and exceed customer expectations where ever possible. Of course, they also offer their clients and customers custom solutions to their industrial pressure and pain points.

Their products include

Board to board connectors, wire to board connectors, automotive connectors, floating connectors, terminal blocks, on/off connectors, card edge connectors and custom connectors.

Where can I find their products?

You can find Greenconn engineering throughout the world.

Greenconn's work powers automation systems, robotic arms, solar panels, medical equipment and more. Greenconn produce high-quality, dependable solutions for each and every customer.

Greenconn manufacture a wide variety of customized, durable, high-quality products to be used anywhere within a given vehicle, including infotainment systems, electric park brakes, Electric Power Steering (EPS), Electronic Stability Programm (ESP), Optical Parking Systems (OPS), steering wheel switches, panel switches, door lock switches, memory seat switches, Controller Area Networks (CAN), Mission Control Systems (MCS), rearview mirror monitors, interior lighting, LED headlights Battery Management Systems (BMS) and On-Board Chargers (OBC).

Greenconn offers a wide variety of connector solutions for use in home appliances, office and finance electronics, computers, and more. For example, home appliances such as washing machines, dishwashers, treadmills, vacuums, coffee machines and office electronics including printers, scanners, copy machines, fax machines can all include something designed and built by Greenconn. You can also come across our products in computer systems (desktops, PCs, tablets, servers etc.) and in financial electronics (such as ATMs and POS machines).

Greenconn are experts in designing connectors for 5G. Their products acn be used in and across 5G networks and LTE, network switches and wireless routers, radars and getways, power supplies and remote radio units.

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