Say a big “hello!” to Alliance Memory as they join our Partner program.

The company offer top-of-the-line engineering, market insight and custom solutions.
Say a big “hello!” to Alliance Memory as they join our Partner program.

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Alliance Memory products include

Alliance Memory make synchronous DRAM, DDR1 DRAM, DDR2 DRAM, DDR3 SDRAM, DDR4 SDRAM, mobile low power SDRAM, mobile low power DDR1, mobile low power DDR2, LPDDR4, fast asynchronous SRAM, low power SRAMS, parallel NOR flash, SLC parallel NAND flash, serial NOR flash, serial SLC NAND flash, eMMC and pseudoSRAM.

What's Alliance Memory's history?

Alliance Memory are a fabless semi-conductor manufacturer of electronic memory solutions. In the modern era, a huge array of products have onboard computer technology (particularly since the onset of the Internet Of Things) and products such SDRAM and FLASH memory – things that the company excel at making – are vital to the operations of those products. And by extension, as technology becomes more and more embedded into our lives, they are vital to the way human beings live too.

What do they offer their customers?

Overall, they offer their clients top-of-the-line engineering, market insight and custom solutions, but the company also provide drop-in replacements for obsolete and end-of-life memory components, ensuring continuity of supply for legacy systems and equipment.

They offer a wide range of legacy memory products, including SRAM, DRAM, and Flash memory solutions, compatible with various interfaces and configurations.

Alliance Memory have a global network of distributors and representatives, who serve clients worldwide, providing prompt and efficient distribution and logistics support. The company's extensive distribution network ensures that clients have access to its memory products wherever they are located, giving them seamless procurement and supply chain management.

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Where can I find their work?

Alliance Memory engineering pops up throughout our culture and market sectors.

Alliance Memory automotive parts are AEC-q100 compliant products for high temperature applications. They include advanced driving assistance systems (ADAS), power train applications, automotive active safety & autonomous driving, connectivity and in-vehicle-networking (IVN), “Carputers” (a PC in a car), telematics systems and infotainment systems.

Mobile and embedded
This category includes a wide array of machines and products. Alliance Memory’s SDRAM portfolio likewise features a wide variety of components that combine low power consumption with power-saving features to extend battery life in mobile devices. Of course, the company also provides memory solutions, including SDR, DDR and DDR2.

Alliance Memory supplies SRAMs and DRAMs right across the gamut of the medical industry. Medical industry products that use Alliance Memory technology include lasers, airway clearance devices, ventilators, physiotherapy technology, radiology technology, ultrasound technology, cardiology machines, CPAP products, molecular, in-vitro, and blood gas diagnostic testing equipment, x-ray tech, pulse oximetry, PEC/CT scanners, defibrillators, incubators and more besides.

Still need more information about them? Their website can be found here.

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