Another company joins the Eclectic Partner scheme

Mighty Zap are a high quality manufacturer and designer of robotic components and parts.
Another company joins the Eclectic Partner scheme

What's their history?

Mighty Zap are based in Korea have been around since 2003. They're a manufacturer and designer of robotic components and parts. They have ISO 9001 and 14001 accreditation and they have worked hard to be a top manufacturer of mini-sized linear servo-actuators. They have their own research and development office, plus mass-manufacturing capabilities and quality-control systems. Bespoke solutions are also possible for their customers. They have an off-shoot – MightyZapUSA – that operates in and from the United States.

What do Mighty Zap offer?

They offer actuators and a multitude of accessories for the modern robotics industry. Mighty Zap offer research and development (and of course custom solutions) for their customers and they offer a fast, efficient delivery service that points and carries their parts all over the globe. They keep small amounts of their stock, ready for small orders, and they are always pleased to talk to their customers about modifications, repairs and other technical questions.Mighty Zap Robotics works closely with customers to tailor its solutions to their specific needs and requirements.

Their products include

Their main output is actuators and servos. They also produce a range of accessories that include PCB USB interfaces, Raspberry Pi HAT, EZ controllers, metal brackets, end bearings, 500mm wire, 1000mm wire, 2000mm wire, 4000mm wire, wire connectors, connector housings and connector terminals.

Where can you find their products?

Factory automation
You can find their engineering being used in automation all over the world and supporting the replacement of pneumatic cylinders or solenoids, automatic width adjustments, automatic alignment, automatic dispensing (grease, glue, etc.), stage control, hole punching and hole inspection, depth / thickness inspection, button/switch/lever/touch panel control.

General usage
Their products are present where customers need valve control, locking and clamping, extension and retraction, pull and pushing, compression, open and closing, on and off switching, directional angle (tilt) control, distance or gap adjustment, hexapod or tripod movement, linear control in vending or game machine and brake and gearshift control.

UAV drone and military
Their work powers fixed wing aircraft (aileron/elevator/throttle/flap/air brake/ rudder/ throttle), helicopters (swash plate control/rudder), multicopters (landing gear, dropping device) and linear control parts for military products.

Their skills and manufacturing capabilities make robot joints, robot hands, robot grippers and rope wire climbing robots possible and ensure that they work efficiently and reliably.

Other usage
You can find their products in a wide range of applications, including educational DiY projects (perhaps including the Arduino or Raspberry PI), linear controls for animatronics and kinetic art, linear controls for simulation device and diorama and linear controls for smart-farm and fire protection system.

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