We've joined up with Spectra Symbol

In Spectra Symbol's words, “We create technology that makes life better.”
We've joined up with Spectra Symbol
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Their products include

Flex sensors, SoftPot, ThinPot, HotPot, MagnetoPot, custom potentiometers.

What's the company's history?

Beginning life in 1978 as a screen printer, Spectra Symbol were developed by David C. Marriott into a company that made switches (or “pots” as we like to call them); in particular they developed the membrane switch and the membrane potentiometer. Patent holders for on the SoftPot membrane potentiometer, the patent continues to be a vital component in their business operations to this day.

In 2002 the company developed, designed and produced new technologies and components such as the XY Pad, the GlassPot, HotPot, Shielded Pot and MagnetoPot which built on the company's success and profile.

In recent years, Spectra Symbol have expanded their “off the shelf” range of products, which has gained popularity with customers all over the world. As always, Spectra Symbol's work with partners has been a major driving force for their research and development operations and custom, tailored products are still a speciality.

What do they offer?

Spectra Symbol offers a broad range of sensor solutions and potentiometers engineered to meet the diverse needs of customers all over the globe. With a focus on quality, reliability, and technological excellence, Spectra Symbol provide modern products designed to solve problems and to make processes and systems work as well as possible.

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Where are Spectra Symbol's products used?

Aerospace and Automotive
You can find Spectra Symbol potentiometers in bomb-disposal robots, throttle pedals, brake pedals, steering angle sensors, gear shifters, seat position sensors, and other vehicle controls.

Military and Defence
Satellites & communications devices in the military and defence sectors use their products.

Robotics and Manufacturing Automation
Spectra Symbol sensors are utilized in robotics applications for robotic arms, grippers, manipulators, and mobile robots. They provide feedback for position control, collision detection, obstacle avoidance, and object detection, enabling precise and safe operation of robotic systems in manufacturing, logistics, healthcare, and research environments.

Consumer Electronics and Entertainment
Spectra Symbol potentiometers are found in Liquid-Level Sensing (water, oil, gas and chemicals).

Healthcare and Physical Therapy
Surgical devices, medical and dental equipment and human biometrics and joint mobility tracking are all places you will find their pots. They can also be found in patient monitoring systems, infusion pumps, respiratory devices, surgical instruments, and diagnostic equipment.

Mining, Oil, Gas and Science and Experimentation
Spectra Symbol engineering can be found in machines all over this sector of the industrial economy.

Vending and Automated Retail
Ventilation hoods, doors, consumer gadgets, cell-phones, vending machines and various autonomous machines all use technology and products from Spectra Symbol.

You can find their website here if you need any more information.

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