New for 2024, Eclectic Components partner with Bulgin

Connector and switch manufacturer Bulgin, in a new partnership with Eclectic Components.
New for 2024, Eclectic Components partner with Bulgin

What's their history?

Eclectic Components are pleased to announce their Partnership with UK-based Bulgin Connectors and Electronics.

Bulgin recognise that different industries have unique requirements and they offer custom solutions tailored to specific applications. Their engineering expertise allows them to collaborate with clients and create bespoke electronic components that precisely meet the needs of their projects. You can see why we're excited to work with them can't you?


What do Bulgin Offer?

Bulgin offer clever, long-lasting solutions in specific areas of industry, in the areas of switches, indicators, and custom solutions.

Bulgin products include:

Connectors, switches, indicators, fused holders, fuseholders, power connectors, circular connectors, sensor connectors.


Where are Bulgin products used?

Industrial Connectors

In industrial settings, Bulgin connectors play a crucial role in creating reliable and secure connections. Their industrial-grade connectors are built to withstand harsh environmental conditions, making them ideal for use in manufacturing plants, automation systems, and control panels.

Renewable Energy Connectors

Bulgin's commitment to sustainability shows itself in their solutions for the renewable energy sector. You can find their products in solar power systems, wind turbines, and other green energy applications.

Medical Connectors

In the medical field, precision and reliability are paramount. Bulgin connectors are employed in various medical devices, including diagnostic equipment, patient monitoring systems, and laboratory instruments. 

Automotive Switches

In the automotive industry, Bulgin switches are utilized for various functions, including dashboard controls, interior lighting, and safety features. The switches are designed to withstand the challenging conditions within vehicles, ensuring longevity and consistent performance.

Marine and Offshore Switches

Bulgin's switches are also employed in marine and offshore applications where resistance to water, salt, and other harsh environmental factors is crucial. 

Aviation Indicators

In the aviation sector, Bulgin indicators play a role in cockpit instrumentation and control panels. The reliability and visibility of these indicators contribute to the safety and efficiency of aircraft systems.

Consumer Electronics Indicators

From small appliances to electronic gadgets, Bulgin's indicators are integrated into various consumer electronics to provide users with clear and intuitive feedback on device status and functions.

Eclectic Components are proud to be able to offer you access to their products.

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