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Cherry and Eclectic Components
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Cherry products include:

Mechanical switches, electronic switches, sensors, control solutions, automotive components, automation components, medical device components, key caps and various accessories.

What's Cherry's history?

Cherry is renowned for its expertise in the development of mechanical and electronic switches, keyboards and mice. They initially gained recognition for producing electrical switches for the automotive and gaming industries. However, the turning point in its history came in the early 1960s when the company introduced the first ever microswitch, a significant innovation that revolutionized the world of electronic control systems. This microswitch, known as the Cherry "Snap-Action" switch, set new standards for reliability and responsiveness in electronic applications. 

In the 1980s and 1990s, Cherry Electronics continued to innovate, introducing ground-breaking technologies such as the Hall effect keyboard switch, which eliminated many of the failure points associated with traditional keyboard switches. This product reinforced Cherry's position as a leader in the field of electronic switches. 

In 1999, the ZF Friedrichshafen Group, a global technology company specialising in driveline and chassis technologies, acquired Cherry Corporation, further solidifying Cherry's position in the global market. Under ZF's ownership, Cherry Electronics continued to expand its product offerings, incorporating advancements in sensor technology and expanding its presence in key industries. 

What do Cherry offer?

Cherry offers a comprehensive range of high-quality switches, sensors, and control solutions. After many years at the forefront of what they do, the company's products continue to shape the landscape of electronic devices and systems worldwide. 

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Where are Cherry products used?

Cherry products can be found right across the industrial spectrum.

Information Technology and Electronics
Cherry switches are commonly used in computer keyboards, laptops, and other electronic devices, providing users with responsive and reliable input experiences.

Gaming Industry
Cherry switches are iconic in the gaming industry, particularly in mechanical keyboards and gaming mice. Their tactile feedback and durability make them popular among gamers seeking a responsive and reliable gaming experience.

Cherry Electronics supplies switches and controls for the automotive industry. These components are used in steering wheel controls, centre console interfaces, and other in-car applications.

Industrial Automation
Cherry's switches and control solutions are utilized in industrial automation applications, particularly control panels.

Medical Devices
Cherry Electronics provides switches and controls for medical devices and equipment in the healthcare sector.

Consumer Electronics
Cherry switches find applications in various consumer electronics, including cameras, audio equipment, and home appliances, where responsive and durable controls are essential.

Aerospace and Defence
Cherry Electronics components may be used in aerospace and defence contexts, providing reliable controls for critical systems and equipment.

Cherry switches and controls can be integrated into telecommunications equipment

Industrial Machinery
Cherry Electronics products are used in various industrial machines, equipment and manufacturing processes.

Banking and Finance
Cherry switches are sometimes used in keyboards and input devices in banking and finance applications.

Healthcare and Rehabilitation
Cherry's switches are employed in healthcare and rehabilitation equipment.

Transportation and Logistics
Cherry Electronics switches and controls may find uses in transportation and logistics products, including interfaces for vehicles and material handling equipment.

Marine and Offshore
In maritime contexts, Cherry Electronics controls can be found in operation on ships and offshore platforms.

Energy and Utilities
Energy and utility applications use Cherry switches to control and monitor power generation and distribution systems. 

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