Perfect Switch are now our perfect partners

Specifically-designed to excel in harsh environments.
Perfect Switch are now our perfect partners
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Their products include

Single-rectifier isolator, dual rectifier isolators, rectifier relays, legacy isolator devices, uni-directional relays, bi-directional relays, voltage-sensitive relays, programmable relays, SPDT relays, DPDT relays, batteries, battery separator, cut-off switches, breakers, OR'ing diodes, custom applications.

What's the company history?

Based in California, the company have been a trusted and important partner for organisations like Lockheed Martin and NASA for many years.Perfect Switch LLC continues to evolve and adapt to its customers and the market and expand its portfolio of switches, solid state relays and clever, reliable custom products and solutions.

What do Perfect Switch offer their clients?

Perfect Switch's work is designed with defence, aerospace and military applications in mind. Its tough, long-lasting engineering that's resistant to vibration and to electrical shock.

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Where are their products used?

Fleet utility
That's a fleet of trucks and automobiles to you and me. You can find Perfect Switch's Powergate products powering the engines of trucks the world over, in a range of tough and harsh environments.

Aerospace and defence
You can find the Perfect Switch's work in many different military and defence situations. Their work is used byNASA, the US Navy, Textron Aerospace, the FBI, General Dynamics, L3 Communications, the US Army, Raytheon, Northrop-Grumman, Lockheed Martin, Harris Communications and Honda Aerospace.

Emergency vehicles
The emergency services use Perfect Switch's Powergate technology extensively. Should you ever need them, the fire service, police units, rescue boats, ambulances and other first responders are all counted among the company's customers.

Renowned for the way their technology resists the degradations of hostile environments, the marine sector is an ideal place for Perfect Switch's engineering to shine. Boats of all shapes and sizes - from tug boats to power boats to fishing boats and beyond – are built on the the company's work and power their owners across lakes, seas and rivers of all shapes and sizes.

Industrial applications
There are a wide range of applications across the industrial market that are filled by Perfect Switch's work. Their Powergate technology lasts a long time and works well in tough environments.

Off-grid and off-road
The DC relays produced by Perfect Switch are often used for people who need power away from the main power grid. You can use their power resource out in the sticks, away on a boat on the sea or just as a backup for a long road journey into the wilderness.

Still want to read more? Perfect Switch's website is here.

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