New partnership with Panduit

We are proud to be partnered with with electronic infrastructure leader Panduit.
New partnership with Panduit

What's Panduit's history?

Multinational corporation Panduit, a global leader in providing comprehensive solutions for the design, deployment, and management of infrastructure systems, have agreed to become an Eclectic Components Partner. This means we can offer you access to areas of their product range and to their expertise.

Founded on the principles of innovation and excellence, Panduit Electronics has been a driving force in the electronic infrastructure industry for decades. With a commitment to delivering superior quality products, Panduit has become a trusted name synonymous with efficiency, reliability, and advanced technology. 

Panduit products include:

Cable management systems, connectivity solutions, wire routing & pathways, labelling & identification, control panel solutions, industrial network infrastructure, power & grounding, fibre optic connectivity, data centre solutions, wireless, safety & security solutions, network & infrastructure management 

Where are Panduit products used?

Data Centers

Panduit Electronics is a trusted partner for data centers all over the world, providing the infrastructure backbone for high-performance computing environments. Their products support the ever-increasing demand for data storage, processing, and transmission in today's digital age.

Industrial Automation

In industrial settings, Panduit's robust connectivity solutions play a vital role in ensuring reliable communication between automation systems. 


Telecommunications networks rely on Panduit's advanced cabling systems to enable fast and reliable data transmission. Whether it's fiber optic backbones or copper connectivity, Panduit solutions support the telecommunications industry's need for high-speed and scalable infrastructure.

Smart Buildings

Panduit Electronics contributes to the development of smart buildings by providing connectivity solutions that enable intelligent systems. From energy management to building automation, Panduit's products support the integration of technologies that enhance the efficiency and sustainability of modern structures.

Custom Solutions

To meet the specific requirements of diverse industries and applications, Panduit also offers custom solutions. Their team of experts collaborates with clients to design and deliver tailored infrastructure solutions.

From our point of view, it's great to have Panduit and their expertise on board.

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