Gessmann, our newest partner

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Gessmann, our newest partner
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Gessmann products include:

Control panels, operator interfaces, joystick and control devices, custom control solutions, control systems for marine applications, crane control systems, industrial automation solutions, HMI devices, foot pedals, control levers, operator chairs and seats, control handles, remote control systems, industrial switches and buttons, various control solutions.

What's their history?

Over the decades, Gessmann has earned a reputation for providing great products tailored to the specific requirements of its clients. Gessmann Electronics began its journey by specialising in the design and manufacturing of high-performance resistors. The company's commitment to precision engineering and innovative solutions quickly gained recognition, laying the foundation for its expansion into new markets.

In the 1950s, Gessmann diversified its product range to include industrial control systems. This shift marked the beginning of the company's focus on operator interfaces and control panels, where Gessmann set new standards for quality and reliability.

As technology advanced, Gessmann Electronics embraced the digital era, incorporating cutting-edge electronics and automation into its product offerings. The company's dedication to staying at the forefront of technological developments allowed it to cater to the ever-changing needs of industries such as manufacturing, marine, energy, and transportation.

What do Gessmann offer?

Gessmann Electronics' extensive product portfolio and commitment to quality make it a valuable partner for industries seeking advanced control systems and operator interfaces that are efficient, safe and overall of an excellent quality.

Gessmann Electronics has a legacy that spans over seven decades and the company continually evolves to meet the challenges of the modern market.

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Where are Gessmann products used?

Here are the main industries and applications in which you can find Gessmann products.

Industrial manufacturing
Gessmann provide control panels, operator interfaces, and industrial joysticks enabling precise control in various machinery and equipment.

Marine and offshore
Gessmann provides control systems specifically designed for marine applications, including ships and offshore platforms. These systems contribute to the safe operation of maritime vessels.

Cranes and lifting equipment
Gessmann's crane control systems optimize lifting operations, providing precision control and safety features. These systems are used in construction, logistics, and industrial settings.

Automotive and transportation
Control solutions from Gessmann are used in automotive manufacturing processes and transportation applications.

Renewable energy
In the renewable energy sector, Gessmann's control solutions can be found in wind turbine control systems and other renewable energy installations.

Construction machinery
Gessmann's industrial joysticks, control devices, and operator interfaces are used in construction machinery on construction sites.

Material handling and logistics
Gessmann's products play a role in material handling equipment and logistics, providing control products for conveyors, sorting systems, and automated warehouses.

Mining and heavy equipment
Gessmann's control components are used in the mining industry and in areas where heavy equipment is necessary for large-scale operations.

Energy and utilities
Gessmann's solutions may be employed in the energy and utilities sector for controlling and monitoring processes in power plants, substations, and utility infrastructure.

Industrial automation
Gessmann Electronics contributes to a range of industrial automation applications, providing components for automated processes in manufacturing plants and facilities.

Oil and gas
In the oil and gas industry, Gessmann's products may be used for control and automation in drilling operations, pipelines, and other critical processes.

Gessmann's control solutions may find applications in agricultural machinery.

Specialized industries
Gessmann Electronics caters to industries with unique control requirements, providing high quality, customized solutions.

Entertainment and amusement
Gessmann's joysticks and control devices can be found in the entertainment industry, particularly in amusement park rides and simulation systems.

Healthcare and rehabilitation
Manufacturers of healthcare and rehabilitation equipment use Gessmann's ergonomic control solutions.

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