Lapp Electronics come aboard

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Lapp Electronics come aboard
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Lapp products include

Cables & wires, connectors & system solutions, automation technology, renewable energy solutions.

What's their history?

Lapp Electronics - a division of the Lapp Group (who have been around since 1957!) - is a globally recognised provider of state-of-the-art connectivity solutions. Lapp has risen to meet the always-changing demands of modern industries and now the company's expertise lies in manufacturing cables, connectors, and accessories that form the backbone of reliable and efficient electronic systems. Eclectic are proud to stock their products.

What do Lapp offer?

Lapp Electronics is a leading force in the world of connectivity products, offering a broad range of high-quality cables, connectors, and accessories. They have a rich history of innovation and a commitment to excellence, and that has made Lapp a trusted teammate for industries across manufacturing and automation to energy and beyond. Eclectic are pleased to help you explore the world of Lapp Electronics and discover how their cutting-edge products are revolutionizing connectivity across the world.

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Where are Lapp products used?

Manufacturing and Automation
Lapp Electronics plays a serious, important role in manufacturing and automation by equipping cables, connectors, and system solutions that give us modern production processes. From machinery connectivity to industrial communication, Lapp's products are integral to the contemporary factory floor.

Energy and Infrastructure
In the energy sector, Lapp's cables and connectors are employed in power distribution, renewable energy projects, and infrastructure installations. The company's products are important for developing reliable and sustainable energy systems.

Information Technology and Telecommunications
Lapp Electronics feeds the IT and telecommunications industries with cables and connectors designed for high-speed data transmission. From data centres to telecommunications networks, Lapp's products always offer seamless connectivity and communication.

Like all good engineering companies, Lapp also offer custom solutions. Their team of experts collaborate with clients to design and deliver tailored products that address specific challenges and specifications. Lapp are a great addition to the Eclectic Components family and portfolio.

Do you want to read more? Their website is here if you do.

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