PowerSonic join Eclectic Components' roster of partners

Power-Sonic products power critical systems and equipment across a wide range of industries, providing reliable backup power, energy storage, and more.
PowerSonic join Eclectic Components' roster of partners
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Their products include

Batteries, chargers, UPS, EV charging stations, energy storage solutions and custom product engineering.

What's Power-Sonic's history?

PowerSonic are an international company who have been around for more than half a century. In the main, they make batteries and design battery solutions but their expertise is strong enough to support them in other areas of the electronics market, including electronic vehicle charging.

Today, they still lead in the field of battery design and manufacture.

What do they have to offer?

PowerSonic are known for their batteries but they are also deeply involved in solutions for battery charging, charging electric vehicles and energy storage. As you might surmise, they have a diverse battery and power storage portfolio and the research and development expertise to generate custom solutions for whoever they're working with.

They have a widespread distribution network that enables them to transport products and items all over the world and an expert team who make it all happen.

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Where are their solutions used?

Life Safety
Power-Sonic batteries power a wide range of medical devices and equipment, including alarm control panels, fire suppression systems, access control, CCTV, perimeter security, biometrics and custom products that are built for a specific need.

Digital imaging, patient monitoring, medical carts, surgical devices and mobility equipment solutions (for example stairlifts, wheelchairs and mobility scooters) can all be powered by Power-Sonic engineering solutions.

Industrial automation
You can find PowerSonic solutions in control systems, industrial machinery, deep-cycle AGM, robotics and an array of custom battery designs and solutions.

Power Sports
Power-Sonic's expertise is utilized in motorcycles, scooters, mopeds, ATVs, quads, water-sport craft, snowmobiles, UTVs and lawnmowers.

Utilities Infrastructure
In utilities infrastructure, their engineering is used in telecoms, transportation, UPS, oil and gas machinery, renewable energy systems, energy storage and custom engineered products.

EV Charging and Energy Storage
You can find Power-Sonic products all over the EV industry.

Want to read more? Their website is here.

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