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Carlo Gavazzi become an Eclectic Components partner
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Carlo Gavazzi products include

Sensors, switches, controls and monitoring relays, components for HVAC systems, components for wireless technologies plus various accessories.

What's their history?

Mr. Carlo Gavazzi founded the company in Milan, Italy, nearly 100 years ago. In its early years, they focused on the production of radio components, however, the company quickly recognized the potential of expanding into emerging electronic technologies. By the 1950s, Carlo Gavazzi had established itself as a prominent player in the industrial automation sector, developing a range of high-quality components to work in the manufacturing processes of the time.

In the 70's, the company embraced the field of energy management. They pioneered the development of energy-efficient solutions, including sensors and controls that helped optimize energy consumption in industrial and commercial applications.

The company's focus on industrial automation has expanded to cover areas such as building automation, renewable energy, and smart grid solutions.

What do Carlo Gavazzi offer?

Carlo Gavazzi offer a comprehensive product portfolio. The company serves a wide range of industries, offering advanced technologies that enhance efficiency, reliability, and sustainability.

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Where are Carlo Gavazzi products used?

Industrial Automation
Carlo Gavazzi's sensors, controls, and automation solutions are widely used in manufacturing and industrial processes, enhancing efficiency and accuracy in production lines.

Building Automation
Products such as presence detectors, room controllers, and building automation systems are used in intelligent building management. They are employed in commercial buildings, hotels, and residential complexes as well.

Energy Management
Carlo Gavazzi's energy meters, power analyzers, and monitoring devices play a vital part in energy management systems. These products are used in industrial facilities, commercial spaces, and residential buildings to monitor and optimize energy consumption.

Renewable Energy
In the renewable energy sector, Carlo Gavazzi's products can be found in solar and wind power installations. Their inverters and monitoring devices contribute to the efficient generation and management of clean energy.

Carlo Gavazzi provides solutions for elevator and escalator control systems, creating reliable and energy-efficient transportation in buildings and public spaces.

HVAC Systems
Components like temperature controllers, timers, and monitoring devices are used in heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems, supporting climate control efficiency in various environments.

Manufacturing and Machinery
Industrial automation components, including PLCs, HMIs, and sensors, are integrated into machinery and manufacturing processes for the purposes of control and efficiency.

Utilities and Power Distribution
Carlo Gavazzi's monitoring relays and controls are used for monitoring power distribution. They also ensure reliability and safety in electrical systems.

Renovation and Retrofit Projects
Carlo Gavazzi's retrofit solutions are utilized in upgrading existing systems, providing a cost-effective way to implement modern technologies in legacy infrastructure.

Their automation solutions can be found powering agricultural processes and contributing to the efficiency and precision of tasks such as irrigation and crop monitoring.

Water and Wastewater Treatment
Products are used in control and monitoring systems for water treatment plants, establishing the efficient and reliable processing of water and wastewater.

Carlo Gavazzi's components supply the telecommunications industry, creating reliable solutions for network infrastructure and connectivity.

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