Iskra, European manufacturer of capacitors & switchgear

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Iskra, European manufacturer of capacitors & switchgear
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Iskra products include

Connectors, cables and wiring, networking and telecommunications, energy management systems, industrial automation, automotive electronics, metering and measurement devices, research and development, semi-conductors, power distribution components, RFID solutions.

What's Iskra's history?

Founded in Ljubljana, Slovenia, nearly 80 years ago, Iskra Electronics are a pioneer in the development and manufacturing of electronic components, earning a reputation for innovation and engineering excellence.

In their early years, Iskra Electronics met the demands of post-war reconstruction efforts, contributing significantly to the rebuilding of infrastructure. The company's commitment to technological advancement and high-quality manufacturing practices quickly propelled it into a leadership role within the Yugoslav electronics industry.

In the current age, Iskra Electronics has continued to evolve and expand its portfolio, becoming a key player in the global electronics market. The company embraces the challenges and opportunities presented by the digital age, diversifying its offerings to include a wide range of products and services.

What do Iskra offer?

Iskra Electronics are a prominent player in the global electronics market, offering a wide range of high quality of products and solutions that cater to the needs of various industries.

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Where are Iskra products used

Iskra products find applications across a broad spectrum of industries, reflecting the company's versatility and commitment to providing high quality products.

Iskra's connectors, cables, and networking solutions are integral to telecommunications infrastructure.

Energy Management and Smart Grids
Iskra products play an important role in managing energy distribution systems and smart grids. Their solutions contribute to efficient grid monitoring, control, and optimization, promoting sustainability and reliability.

Industrial Automation
In industrial settings, Iskra's industrial automation components, such as sensors, controllers, and communication solutions, enhance the precision and efficiency of automated processes in manufacturing and processing industries.

Iskra's automotive electronics, including sensors, control units, and communication modules, are employed in vehicles to ensure safety, performance, and connectivity in modern systems.

Renewable Energy
Iskra products are used in renewable energy applications, including solar inverters and wind energy converters. These components contribute to clean and sustainable energy.

Metering and Measurement
Iskra's metering and measurement devices can be found in utilities for monitoring and managing resource consumption. Energy meters, water meters, and gas meters are examples of their applications in this sector.

Networking and IT Infrastructure
Iskra's networking solutions, including connectors and Ethernet switches, are employed in the establishment and maintenance of IT infrastructure, supporting data centers, servers, and communication networks.

Rail Transportation
Iskra products are used in rail transportation systems, contributing to the reliability and safety of railway signalling, communication, and control systems.

Aerospace and Defence
Iskra's components find applications in aerospace and defence industries, where precision and reliability are critical. They may be used in communication systems, control panels, and other electronic components.

Consumer Electronics
Iskra electronic components contribute to consumer electronics, such as smartphones, laptops, and audio devices, enhancing their connectivity and functionality.

RFID and Asset Tracking
Iskra's RFID solutions are applied in various industries for asset tracking, identification, and inventory management, providing efficient and accurate data collection.

Power Distribution and Control
Iskra's power distribution components, including switchgear and control gear, are used in electrical distribution systems, ensuring reliable power control and protection.

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