Eclectic are joined by Kingstate Electronics

Kingstate offer a broad range of electronic components, including electromagnetic buzzers, piezoelectric buzzers, magnetic transducers, speaker systems and microphones.
Eclectic are joined by Kingstate Electronics

What's Kingstate's history?

Established in Taiwan in the 1970s, one of Kingstate's key milestones came with the development of miniature electromagnetic buzzers, which became widely adopted in various electronic devices such as mobile phones, appliances, medical devices, and automotive systems. These buzzers, known for their compact size, low power consumption, and high sound quality, cemented Kingstate's position as a leader in acoustic solutions.

Since then, the company have gone from strength to strength and Eclectic are proud to partner with them and offer you access to their back catalogue and expertise.

What do the company offer their customers?

Kingstate offer a broad range of electronic components, including electromagnetic buzzers, piezoelectric buzzers, magnetic transducers, speaker systems and microphones. These components are designed for integration into various electronic devices and systems, providing high-quality functionality and reliability.

Kingstate products include

Piezo buzzer, magnetic buzzer, speaker, dynamic receiver, microphone, speaker module, mic module, IP audio systems and various audio products such as Bluetooth headphones, wired headphones, gaming headphones and speakers.

Where are Kingstate products used?

Security and smart homes
The company's high-level engineering can found in home security and smart home contexts, usually by way of their buzzer and speaker systems being used in smoke detectors, gas detectors, door bells, access systems, smart displays, smart appliances, security cameras and electronic control systems.

Application-5G and smart cities
You can find their buzzer systems, their speakers and their ECMs powering smart light poles, 5G base stations, 5G enabled devices, self-driving cars, AI robots, MR/AR/VR/, smart monitoring and smart healthcare.

Kingstate's work is a vital part of ADAS systems, burglar alarms, car reversing aids, E-calling systems, AVAS systems, PND/GPS systems, smart cockpits and TPMS systems. These areas are supported by Kingstate's buzzers, speakers, ECMs, speaker modules, mic modules and other customised items.

Piezzo buzzers, magnetic buzzers, speakers and ECMs are all Kingstate tech resources that can be found in TWS/Bluetooth systems, wearables, smart speakers, hearing assistants, hearables, drones, anti-lost devices and games consoles.

NB and tablet
Mobile phones, Notebooks, AIO and tablets all use Kingstates' piezzo buzzers, magnetic buzzers, speakers, ECMs, speaker modules and mic modules.

VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol)
Kingstate's engineering is present in VoIP tech, including speaker phones, IP phones and conference call systems.Their technical contributions include speakers, ECMs, speaker modules and mic modules.

Home appliances
Refrigerators, micro-wave ovens, washing machines, vacuuming robots, telephones, electric heaters, remotes and kitchen appliances all incorporate Kingstate's work in various ways.

Kingstate's buzzer systems, speakers and ECMs are all used in blood pressure meters, blood glucose meters, personal healthcare devices, ventilators, hearing assistants, smart hearing aids, diagnostic devices and medical equipment.

General equipment
Point of sale (POS) machines, controllable panels, transaction machines and OA equipment all use Kingstate tech.

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