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Silverstone products are trusted by enthusiasts, gamers, and professionals worldwide.
Say hi to Silverstone

What's Silverstone's history?

Silverstone have been supplying and innovating in the tech market since since 2003. Their top team of engineers and suppliers have propelled their products across the world, from the home market to the global. The company's history is characterized by innovation, quality craftsmanship, and a commitment to pushing the boundaries of PC hardware design. The future looks bright for them.

What do Silverstone Technology offer their clients?

Silverstone like to make good looking, attractive products that function at a high standard. The company's chassis designs emphasized airflow optimization, cable management, and modularity, catering to enthusiasts and professionals seeking advanced features and customization options. To their way of thinking, the user comes first.

Silverstone Technology have diversified their product offerings to include a wide range of PC components and accessories, including fans, CPU coolers, storage solutions, and peripherals with more sure to come.

Silverstone Technology make

Computer chassis, power supplies, server/NAs, storage devices, coolers, fans, expansion cards, OEM/ODM, custom solutions and a whole host of accessories (such as cables, adapters and monitor arms).

Where are their products used?

Gaming PCs and digital workstations
Silverstone products are commonly used in gaming PCs and workstations, where users demand high-performance components and forward-thinking designs. SilverStone PC cases, power supplies, cooling solutions, and accessories cater to the needs of gamers and professionals seeking optimized airflow, efficient cooling, and customizable configurations. .

Home theatre PCs
Silverstone offers a variety of compact and stylish PC cases specifically designed for use in home theater PCs (HTPCs). Their cases provide ample space for powerful hardware configurations and their own high quality cooling technology.

Small form factor (SFF) builds
Silverstone's compact PC cases are popular choices for small form factor (SFF) builds, where space and portability are paramount. SilverStone offers a range of Mini-ITX and Micro-ATX cases that maximize the utilisation of space while maintaining excellent thermal performance.

Professional workstations and servers
Silverstone power supplies, cooling solutions, and storage accessories are commonly used in professional workstations and servers. These products offer reliability, efficiency, and quiet operation, making them ideal for demanding computing environments where stability and performance are important.

Custom PC builds and modding
Enthusiasts and modders often choose Silverstone products for their custom PC builds and modding projects. Silverstone's wide selection of PC cases, cooling solutions, lighting accessories, and cable management products enable users to create unique and personalized systems.

Industrial and commercial applications
Silverstone products often function in various industrial and commercial applications where reliable and efficient PC hardware is required. From industrial PCs and kiosks to digital signage and surveillance systems, Silverstone offers solutions tailored to the specific needs of different industries and applications.

OEM and system integrators
Silverstone collaborates with original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and system integrators to provide products and engineering for a broad range of applications. Silverstone's extensive product portfolio and customization options enable OEMs and system integrators to deliver high-quality work to their customers.

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