The industry-leading ePaper manufacturer is now an Eclectic Partner

If you're wondering what ePaper is, its the product that powers the Kindle reading surface. If you've ever read a Kindle, you've used ePaper.
The industry-leading ePaper manufacturer is now an Eclectic Partner
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Their products include

ePaper displays, ePaper display modules, ePaper display kits, ePaper display evaluation boards, ePaper display accessories, custom display solutions, software development tools, display controllers and drivers.

What's Pervasive Display's history?

A relatively new company and a relatively new technology, Pervasive Displays was founded in the 2010s. The company's founders recognized the potential of e-paper technology to transform the way information is displayed in various applications, from e-readers to electronic shelf labels. If you're wondering what ePaper is, its the product that powers the Kindle reading surface, so if you've ever read a Kindle, you've used ePaper.

What do Pervasive Displays offer?

The company invests in research and development to improve display performance, durability, and functionality, making sure that its products meet the standards of its customers. Pervasive Displays has established partnerships and collaborations with leading companies in the electronics, retail, logistics, healthcare, and IoT industries. These partnerships have facilitated the integration of Pervasive Displays' e-paper solutions into a wide range of products and applications, expanding the company's market reach and impact.

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Where are Pervasive Display's products used?

Retail and Point of Sale (POS)
Electronic shelf labels (ESLs), digital price tags, and signage solutions are commonly deployed in retail environments to improve pricing accuracy, enhance promotional activities, and streamline inventory management.

Logistics and Warehousing
Pervasive Displays' electronic paper displays (EPDs) are used for inventory tracking, picking and packing processes, shipment labelling, and warehouse management systems. Their low-power consumption and high visibility make them ideal for indoor and outdoor applications.

Electronic patient records, medication tracking systems, bedside information displays, and medical equipment interfaces benefit from EPD technology. The displays offer clear visibility in various lighting conditions, reducing eye strain for healthcare professionals and patients alike.

In public transportation systems, EPDs are utilized for real-time passenger information displays, route maps, and schedules. They provide passengers with up-to-date travel information while consuming minimal power, making them suitable for use in buses, trains, and airports.

Smart Home and IoT Devices
EPD technology is integrated into smart home devices such as smart thermostats, weather stations, and energy monitors.

Industrial Automation
EPDs are used in industrial environments for equipment monitoring, process control, and status indicators. Their rugged design and wide operating temperature range make them suitable for use in harsh conditions such as manufacturing plants and warehouses.

Education and Public Sector
EPDs are employed in educational institutions for electronic textbooks, digital signage, and interactive learning tools. In the public sector, they are used for information kiosks, wayfinding displays, and public announcements.

Wearable Devices
EPD technology is integrated into wearable devices such as smartwatches, fitness trackers, and electronic badges. The displays offer low-power operation and high visibility, providing users with essential information while preserving battery life.

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