TGS Crystals

TGS Crystals sell: oscillators, quartz crystals, ceramic resonators, SAW Filter/Resonators.
TGS Crystals
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  • Oscillators
  • Quartz crystals
  • Ceramic resonators
  • SAW Filter/Resonators
Parts can be used as an alternative to Abracon, Advanced Crystal Technology, Citizen, Golledge, Jauch and QVS Tech.

Example of available products

  • Crystals: quartz crystals and crystal filters
  • Oscillators: MHz SMD, MHz thru-hole, KHz SMD
  • SAW filter/resonators: communication, GPS, IF, RF, duplexers
  • Ceramic resonators: MHz SMD, MHz thru-hole, KHz thru-hole

High runners

SMD Crystals: CM32,CM25, CM63; quartz oscillator: COM32,COM53, COM75 and dip-type oscillator; SMD ceramic filter: 455KHz; SMD ceramic resonator; KHz Crystals: 32.768KHz.

About TGS Crystals

TGS Crystals Ltd produces and supports frequency control components and has expanded from the Chinese mainland to the worldwide market.

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