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We provide all electronic components

We also provide full kitting, scheduled and buffer stock holding and provide quality assurance with the highest level of customer service.

You will also get free shipping and tracking on all UK orders.

For a full list of our services, see below.

Component Distribution

Eclectic Components Ltd holds a large inventory of stock and will always offer the most competitive quotes. Using our FAST-TRACK service requirements will be met immediately, saving time and resources. We offer free shipping on all U.K. orders, and can guarantee next day delivery.

Component Testing

Our testing facility provides accurate, informative tests. We can ensure devices are genuine parts, eliminating forgeries, damaged and reconditioned parts. Our chip testing service will run a functional loop test on most digital devices, to verify their functionality.

Complete Kitting Solution

Our Kitting service has been developed to provide all the components needed for a specific build in one delivery. Eclectic kitting source will stock and deliver all the components used on a single or batch of printed circuit boards. These can be pulled and delivered to an exact schedule to suit your production requirements.

Component Programming

We have a new programming service, components are programmed to your specifications. Our programming service is very competitive on price while remaining flexible and responsive. All devices are programmed using manufacturer approved algorithms and checked using master checksum monitoring.

Buffer Stock Holding

We hold buffer stock to eliminate lead-times, stock can be called upon immediately and/or scheduled for delivery over a period of time. Using Eclectic Components to hold buffer stock means that larger orders can be placed and schedule delivery, which provides economies of scale, because our price breaks reduce costs.

Tape & Reeling Service

Specialising in the tape and reeling of surface mounted electronic devices, combining part reels and accommodating tube to tape, tray to tape, and tape to tape. We can handle all package styles using standard carrier tape. All devices are handled in a static controlled and humidity / temperature controlled environment.

PCB Design & Manufacture

Printed circuit boards are designed and manufactured to meet your requirements, and timescale. CAD design, prototypes and production. We can design and print the circuit boards, as well as pick and place components. We provide the production solution from design to dispatch as a finished product, or simply to supplement your manufacturing capability.