Power Sonic

Power Sonic sell: batteries, chargers, UPS.
Power Sonic
Looking for hard-to-find components, parts that are obsolete or have long lead times? We can help. Jump in the chat box and we'll see what we can do for you.


  • Batteries
  • Chargers
  • UPS
Parts can be used as an alternative to Yuasa, Ultracell, Panasonic and Yucell. UPS interchangeable with APC, Eaton, Riello and CyberPower.

Example of available products

  • Batteries: sealed lead acid: PS, PG, PHR ranges, lithium iron phosphate (PSL, PSL-FP ranges), lithium Bluetooth® (PSL BTP/BTC ranges)
  • Chargers: PC ranges
  • UPS: Powersteady and Powerpure ranges (the range includes line-interactive, online and modular UPS)

High runners

PS-1270 12V 7AH (general purpose battery); PG-12V9 12V 9AH BATTERY (long-life battery); PSL BTC/BTP (lithium battery with Bluetooth® connectivity); Powersteady UPS system (provide backup power to CCTV systems and server environments); Powerpure UPS system (backup power to larger setups, such as office and telecom).

About Power Sonic

Sold in over 90 countries worldwide, Power Sonic has been delivering quality, reliable and safe battery solutions since 1970.

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