Parlex sell: printed electronics, printed circuits, cables.
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  • Printed electronics
  • Flexible printed circuits
  • Flat flexible cables (FFC)
Parts can be used as an alternative for most competitor brands.

Example of available products

  • Display cable
  • Jumper cable
  • Folding cable
  • Autoline cable
  • Bulk flat flexible cable

About Parlex

Parlex is a brand of Johnson Electric and a leader in flex circuits and microelectronics, offering standard and custom options for flex cable and cable assemblies, including laminated flat flexible cables with shielding, EMI and RFI custom reduction options.

From design support, flexibility and quick turnaround, Parlex delivers advanced flexible interconnect technology and electronic assembly. Parlex products are used in applications where cable assemblies are used and flexed multiple times, with no degradation of product.

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