Kodenshi sell: optical sensors, optical semiconductors.
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  • Optical sensors
  • Optical semiconductors
Parts can be used as an alternative to Vishay, Avago, Rohm, Sharp, Omron, Hamamatsu, TT Electronics and Liteon.

Example of available products

  • Image sensors: area sensor, gesture sensor
  • Photo IC/LSI: direct current light system photo IC, pick-up photo IC, front monitor photo IC, print-start timing detection photo IC
  • Sensors: displacement sensor, manuscript size sensor, reflective and actuator type interrupters, colour sensor, infrared receiver modules, photo-coupler paper sensor, ambient light sensor, dust sensor

About Kodenshi

Kodenshi Corp was founded in Japan in 1973. With their cutting-edge technology, the Company specialises in optical components such as chips, LEDs, photodetectors and sensors. Other customised solutions are available.

The Company has factories in China, Korea and Japan and offices in China, Korea, Japan, Singapore, Thailand and the USA.

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